Why Is Carlos Tevez So Important To Man City?

His goals help, but it is more than just that – the Argentinian is the ultimate team man, perfect for the central role in City’s 4-3-3 Manchester City with Carlos Tevez and Manchester City without Carlos Tevez are two different teams. Since Roberto Mancini took over shortly before Christmas last year, City have played 32 games in which Tevez has been on the field for at least 45 minutes, and…

November 10, 2010

Match Preview-Milan V Real Madrid

A Potential Banana Skin Talk to Silvio Berlusconi and he will tell you that Milan have the Champions League encrypted in their DNA. Which isn’t necessarily an exaggeration given that the Rossoneri are the second most successful club in European Cup history, but in coach Massimiliano Allegri they do have an inexperienced tactician and that could cost them dearly. If Milan had won their opening three matches in Group G,…

November 3, 2010