NaijaBet Facebook Fan of the Month – August

It’s been a great month on NaijaBet fan page in the month of August especially for Okunola Azeez Babatunde. Many fans participated and put in their comments and likes to ensure that they come out the winner, but the sure thing in any competition is that somebody that wins and some lose.

After a meticulous evaluation of posts, time spent, comments and likes here are the top eight contenders who made it to the semi-finals and slogged it out for the Number One spot.

Yayo Nob Salis; Okunola Azeez Babatunde; Adelusi ‘samde’ Gunner Ayokunle; Yemi Adeoye; Abubakar Abdulwasiu; Ayobami Solomon; Oluwafemi Paul Omotoyosi and Odunewu Oladele Babafemi.

NaijaBet Fan Board

At the end of the day, Okunola Azeez Babatunde emerged as our first N5,000 winner and NaijaBet Fan of the month for the month of August.

They came tops in the following order.

1. Okunola Azeez Babatunde
2. Yayo Nob Salis
3. Yemi Adeoye
4. Adelusi ‘samde’ Gunner Ayokunle
5. Oluwafemi Paul Omotoyosi
6. Ayobami Solomon
7. Odunewu Oladele Babafemi
8. Abubakar Abdulwasiu

The September contest has started already on the fan page again and people have started putting in their contribution, who knows, you might be the next winner. Click here to join now.

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