Kaita receives death threats

Midfielder Sani Kaita has confirmed that he received death threats following Nigeria’s 2-1 defeat by Greece in a World Cup Group B game last Thursday.

The Super Eagles were leading 1-0 when Kaita petulantly kicked out at Greek defender Vasileios Torosidis on the touchline, earning himself a straight red.

Sani Kaita
Sani Kaita covers his face in shame

Nigeria cracked after that, giving up their lead and then conceding a second goal to lose the game, and leave their World Cup hopes hanging by a thread.

Kaita’s Facebook fan page was immediately inundated with tens of hate messages, including some that called for him to be killed, or to commit suicide. Check it here

Kaita admitted that he had also received some messages via email.

”Yes, I have received some threats to my life,” he told the German media.

”They were sent to my email but I’m not disturbed about that because as a Muslim, only God decides who lives and who dies.

”Everything on this earth is in God’s hands, whether it is your life or whatever and unless God allows it, no one has the power to kill me.

”Only God knows what will happen tomorrow. He holds our destiny. That is what my religion teaches me.”

Kaita admitted to having sleepless nights after his dismissal against Greece.

”I cannot stop apologising to all Nigerians for making this costly mistake,” said the 24-year-old.

”I couldn’t sleep thinking about what my action has cost my country, but I hope we will win our next game (against South Korea) and qualify for the next round, where I hope to redeem my image with a good performance.

”I promise to put my life down on the pitch to ensure we go very far in this competition.

”And I promise that what happened will never happen again.”

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