Update on Withdrawals on NaijaBet

Withdrawals on NaijaBet now take a maximum of 24hrs and minimum of 2 minutes.

In other to reduce the processing time of withdrawals on NaijaBet, we have implemented new software and processes. But despite all this efforts we noticed a major hindrance to the process of ensuring speedy withdrawals, some inefficient banks whose servers go down at odd hours and without notice.

The makes it difficult to make payments to our customers using these banks, a lot of times transfers to these banks fail. We then realized there’s need for us to come up with a recommended bank list or better still rate the banks in terms of their failure rate, so you will be better informed.

Top 4 internet banking failure

1.                   Unity Bank


2.                   Keystone Bank


3.                   Ecobank


4.                   Access Bank


These banks actually give us more customer dissatisfaction because once transaction fails, we have to wait a minimum 24hrs to collate and reprocess the failed transactions. This waiting period is advised by the bank because the system may re-attempt the transfer during this period.

Here’s is our list top performing banks

1.                   GTBank 99.9%
2.                   First Bank 82%
3.                   Fidelity Bank 80.1%
4.                   Zenith Bank 80%

For banks that are not listed above, their reliability rating is between 65% and 79%. We would continue to process withdrawals to ALL banks,

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