Wenger: We Are More Focused

Arsenal’s resurgence is in part down to a new, more cautious philosophy, according to boss Arsene Wenger.Arsene Wenger

The Gunners endured a torrid start to the campaign, but have only lost once in their last 11 matches to climb back to seventh in the English Premier League. They are also in pole position to qualify from a tricky Champions League group.

Wenger said he believes the recovery is down to his prizing results over the pure entertainment provided by unbridled attacking football.

“I would say we are a bit more controlled and less cavalier,” the Frenchman told the club’s official website.

“We are less adventurous when the job is done, I must say. You can feel that there is some reserve there if needed.”

“In the second half against West Brom, we just kept it serious without going overboard. Overall, I would say it is a more mature attitude.”

“We were more functional. We did the job properly, with quality and, I must say, with seriousness.”

But despite recent improvements, Wenger said Arsenal still have a long way to go if they are to recapture former glories.

“At the moment I feel we are more focused,” he said.

“Saying, ‘Look I am right’ is less important for me than trying to continue the quality of our team and our results.”

“There is still room for improvement so we are focused on that.”

“I am convinced we have been right but what you want is that people who love Arsenal are happy and I think at the moment to do that we still have a job to do.”

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