Match between Italy and Serbia, abandoned after a riot in the stadium

The qualifying match for the Euro Cup 2012 between Serbia and Italy, which was being held in Genoa, was abandoned after the fans from Serbia got overexcited and started to throw flares on to the field. It was a tough task for the police to maintain order and discipline in the arena. The kick-off had already been late by forty five minutes and the efforts of the security and discipline…

October 13, 2010

Pros and cons of the UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations

Michel Platini, the UEFA President, has introduced his Financial Fair Play Regulations for European competitions. The purpose of these regulations is to provide a fair ground to all the teams entering into European competitions.In recent times, some big teams in bigger European leagues have grown far beyond the reach of smaller teams. Due to this, many teams who otherwise held great record in Europe have unable to even move past…

October 9, 2010