Arsene Wenger: We Have to Take a Lot Of Encouragement To Face The Challenges Ahead

At the final whistle Arsenal’s players stood, sat or knelt on the lush emerald turf like figures in a tableau of despair. Motionless, traumatised, suddenly drained of the last vestiges of belief and hope and even pride, they looked dismayingly like Bayern Munich after Manchester United had finished with the German side at the Camp Nou in 1999. Jack Wilshere hit the crossbar here and Robin van Persie was the…

February 28, 2011

Barcelona keep No 4 shirt vacated for Fabregas’ arrival next summer

Barcelona are saving their famous No 4 shirt for Cesc Fabregas because they are convinced Arsenal’s refusal to sell him has only delayed his arrival one more year. Nobody at the club will wear No 4 this season. Barcelona and Spain midfielder Xavi said: ‘If the signing has not happened this year, it will happen next.’ Spain team-mate Andres Iniesta said: ‘When you talk with him (Fabregas), you realise how…

September 6, 2010