Simulated Reality soccer Games

Simulated Reality gives users the chance to experience all the excitement of real-life sports, including football, basketball, tennis, cricket with more to follow on

The games are played out in real time with matches scheduled to be played as per their original date and time. With game analysis and full-league results tables, you can provide sports betting that is as close to real life as possible to help drive your offering.

Simulated Reality soccer offers fans the chance to experience their favourite teams in action, with all remaining fixtures scheduled to be played as per their original date and kick-off time.

They are Full 90-minute matches from top-tier soccer leagues
They are electronic games built with the details, data and near conformity of the various teams in real life

It operates the same way real football betting operates( runs for 90 minutes per event) The difference is that it is an electronic event built in the manner of the real teams

The market options are the same like the real teams. The system settles the bets right and determines who wins or not.

The good thing about SR Games is you can also see the scores on various validated score sites like flashscores, sofascore e.t.c.

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