Samir Nasri says Arsenal will try to hit Barcelona on the counter-attack

Samir Nasri

The Frenchman admits the Gunners do not have the defensive capabilities required to keep Barca from scoring.

Arsenal star Samir Nasri has insisted his side can go on to claim victory over Barcelona in the Champions League second-leg on Tuesday, but only if they manage to find the net.

The France international agrees that Arsenal do not have the sort of players Inter Milan pitted against the Catalan giants to great effect as they consistently frustrated Messi and co. to progress on Barca’s expense in last year’s Champions League Semi Final.

“We must rely on our game if we want to win. We can’t play another game to stop them. We are not Inter Milan,”, said Nasri.

“We don’t have the same qualities as Inter Milan. We don’t have a Walter Samuel, Marco Materazzi or Esteban Cambiasso to kick everyone.

“We have players who love football, who want to play attractive football.

“We will go to the Nou Camp and play our game. They will attack us with pace and we must take them on the counter.

“We are confident we can beat them in the Nou Camp. It will be a similar game to the first leg – Barcelona play the same away as they do at home.

“It will be difficult to beat them, but even if we draw we qualify, so we can go through.”, he said.

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