Online betting in Nigeria

A guide on betting on sports in Nigeria.

The buzz around making money online, as generated a lot of interest in the past few years. While some few have made money from it, others continue to thread on the sidelines waiting to hear good news filter from their close neighbours or associates before the take advantage of this glaring opportunity. offers naija punters opportunities to make money off their passion (sports), by offering bets on matches from the English Premier League, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the UEFA Champions League and many other exciting football leagues around the world including the Uefa Europa League.

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    1. After Making the Deposit,
      Then enter the details on your account,
      The admin of the Site approves it.
      Then you can start placing bets.
      Its that simple!

  1. It’s my pleasure to anounce that it pays to invest and in your investments gaining and loosing are undoubtedly normal.It’s an inevitable occasion you can never avoid to miss. Naijabet I love ‘U’!!!!!! Hey guys,keep betting so as to win more and loose less but be wise……………!

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