Nemanja Vidic: We Are Not Afraid Of Barcelona

Nemanja Vidic insists Manchester United are not scared to face the threat presented by the European champions Barcelona.Nemanja Vidic

There is a debate about what United are at present. Are they the team that has won four out of the last five Premier Leagues. Or are they the side that was so obviously outclassed by Barcelona in the Champions League final at Wembley, reduced to chasing shadows.

Vidic, naturally, believes it is the former. “I don’t know why you [the press] are always asking Manchester United players how we are going to bridge that gap,” he said. “Like I say again, this team is successful. We are doing some good things. We don’t have any problem with the Barcelona players. We respect them but we are not scared to play against them.

“It is hard when you get to the final and lose, especially because it was the last game. It is always in your mind. Barcelona performed much better than us. We could and should do better. But this is a new season. We have to forget what happened, take some points from that game and improve.

“The most important thing for a team like Manchester United to remember is that in the last five years we have won four titles and played in three Champions League finals.”

Vidic, however, is expecting to face an intense challenge from a rival much closer to home, next season. “It is clear Manchester City have the money and they will sign new players,” he said. “They will definitely be in position to fight for the league.

“But we have to focus on ourselves. We have to think about what happens at our door not our neighbours and I believe we have enough good players and a good team to challenge for the trophy.”

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