Lagerback was over paid – Amokachi

Daniel Amokachi says Lars Lagerback was paid way too much in his five-month stint as Nigeria coach.

Lars Lagerback
Lars Lagerback

Amokachi was one of the Swede’s assistants in a dismal World Cup performance, but argued that a Nigerian coach would have achieved more with a fraction of those wages.

“I think two hundred thousand dollars a month is a lot of money to pay a coach for a four-month deal.

“That is too much money to pay somebody to come up with just one point from three games.

“If you get a Nigerian coach and pay him less than that, he will do a better job.”

Amokachi however denied calling for Lagerback to be fired.

“I did not say any such thing at any time to anybody. I speak my mind and I stand by everything I say.

“I did not hold any meeting with anybody or ask that the coach be fired. I did not employ him. I do not know how he was employed, so why would I call for him to be sacked?”

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