Koffi Comedy Nite -Sponsored by www.NaijaBet.com

Koffi was at it once again live in the city of Lagos. The Freedom Park, Broad Street, was splufikally ignited with the COMEDY NITE LIVE on May 28th, 2016

The show featured various rib crackers and grim rippers. Comedians like Josh2funny, bow joint, koffi and so on. NaijaBet.com as one of the major sponsors of the event was also Live at the event with its crew to join in the fun filled comedy night.


The crowd were complimented with various NaijaBet branded goodies like T-shirts, Stickers, Pens and Flyers etc. Its another way NaijaBet.com connects with its customers. Sport lovers who came to view the Champions League 2015/2016 season finals were also given the chance to register and join the winning team; NaijaBet.com

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