How to use banners and Links

How to Use the Affiliate Banners

1. Go to and login with your username and password

2. Click on “Banner”. You will see list of pre design banners ready for immediate use. Under each banner there are two links. One is called, (1) Invocation code and (2) URL. Each link contains your unique affiliate ID code which will be used to track all traffic coming from you.

To display the banner on your blog or website, copy the following java link and the INVOCATION CODE and paste it where you want the banner to appear.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>


How to Use the Affiliate Links on Social Media

Our affiliate ID code has been deliberately designed to look like ordinary links so that you can paste it anywhere and not get anyone annoyed or offended. To use your NaijaBet affiliate ID code to invite your friends from any social media plaforms, follow the steps below:

1.       Login to your NaijaBet affiliate account.

2.       Click on Banners

3.       Copy the link called URL. The second link after Invocation code.

4.       Go to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc and use it to invite your friends

5.       Watch them sign up by monitoring your sign up statistics

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