How To Make More Money As NaijaBet Affiliate

Increase traffic to your affiliate link by using any of the following methods:

  1.  Run Pop-under campaigns, with targeted clicks at less than $10 for
    5,000 clicks as sites such as and many others
  2.  Run dedicated threads on interesting/related topics in forums
  3.  If you have a blog, write a special post about NaijaBet and include your
    affiliate link to encourage sign up under you.
  4.  Write a short comment on your Facebook and Twitter page or personal
    account about NaijaBet and include your banner and your affiliate link.
  5.  Send newsletter to all your email contact telling them about NaijaBet.
    Ensure to include your affiliate links.
  6.  Run a short campaign on, Facebook or any medium that suit you using
    your NaijaBet affiliate link as your target url
  7. E-Mail/Forum Signature – Your email signature is a sometimes overlooked
    advertising opportunity. Write a little teaser about NaijaBet and/or any
    bonus promo we are running and add this to your posts signature on forums
    like Nairaland and blogs
  8. Send a BC about NaijaBet on your BBM to all your contacts and make sure
    you use your link to count for you

All these and many more are the methods you can use to increase your traffic and your commission

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