The NaijaBet affiliate program is an incredibly easy way for website owners, bloggers and online marketers to earn cool money. When you refer someone to NaijaBet, you get 10% of the net revenue from each person you refer at the end of every month. That means you get 10% of whatever profit NaijaBet makes from each new member that signs up under you every month.


How do I join?

To join NaijaBet affiliate program, go to http://www.naijabet.com/partner_register/to register.

How do I login?

To login to your NaijaBet affiliate account, go to http://www.naijabet.com/partner-login.php and login with your username and password.

How do I refer members?

We have sets of professionally designed banners for you to use for free. When you place the banner on your site or blog, any user that click on that link and get to our website and registered will be recorded under you. When such person makes deposit and place bet, you earn commission on the profit we make from that person.

What happens when the person I refered wins bets?

When you refer a user to our website and the person is counted under you, you will only earn commision on that person if the person loses bets. If he wins, no commision will be counted for you.

How much can I earn from one person?

You continue to make money for as long as the person you referred continue to place bets on our platform.

How long is the cookie duration?

Our affiliate cookies last 60 days.

How often are your personal affiliate statistics updated?

Our views and registrations statistics are updated daily by clicking on “Statistics”. You can also click refresh button to get it real time.

How would I be paid?

Your affiliate earnings would be credited to your NaijaBet account at the end of the day.

How will I track my earnings?

You can track your affiliate clicking “Invoices”, and track your current profit on the ‘Your profit’ page.

Can I withdraw my affiliate Earnings Immediately?

Yes you can. You are not mandated to place bets with your affiliate earnings.

What’s the minimum/maximum amount I can get paid?

There are no minimum or maximumamount in our affiliate payouts.

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