Emeka wins 477k with 100 on NaijaBet, bonus alone is 318k


SPORTS betting platform, NaijaBet.com is your best choice when comes to BONUSES, as Mr. Emeka last weekend won a total sum of  477, 122 with 318, 000 as the bonus.

Emeka picked 49 teams from the different European leagues on his bet online and got over 200% in bonuses as the reward even after staking just 100 on it.

The bet’s potential win was 159, 122 while 318,000 was for bonus only.

Head Operations NaijaBet, Mr. Adeyemi Adeoye while giving an analysis on the bet said: “It’s the first we have seen in some months now.

“The amazing thing about the bet was that Emeka made a smart choice of choosing safe options for the 49 teams he selected and at the end got a massive 200% in bonuses despite placing a 100 on the bet.

“It would have been a massive win for him as we countdown to the yuletide (Christmas and New Year celebration) if he placed above 100 on the bet.

“What this means, you can stake any amount on a bet and still get close or more than 200% in bonuses.

“I want to prove to you that NaijaBet is the best online sports betting company since 2010. It’s no hype as our ODDS are higher and BONUSES too.

“If you doubt it, just log on the web and open an online account on NaijaBet.com today and see for yourself.”

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