Don’t attack Wayne Rooney for earning big money, says Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says that while the Gunners would not be able to pay Manchester

Wayne Rooney

United striker Wayne Rooney ‘s £200,000-a-week wages at the moment, players should not be criticised for the money they earn.

“If you ask, Can the club afford it with the actual balance sheet?’ then the answer is No,” said the Arsenal boss.

“But if it is the market price and if you have the resources available and if you can balance other accounts then, yes, you pay – because it is that or disappear.

“When I arrived in this country, players were on £200,000 a year. Only 15 years later, it is that per week, a bit of a shock for me.

“But it doesn’t shock anybody when an actor turns up half asleep at 11 in the morning and takes that money.

“Before you attack the football players, you have other areas of our society to attack where I’m not sure they have to show as much talent and performances as a player.”

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