Chelsea Spent £9MILLION On Agent Fees For Two players

Chelsea spent more than £9million on agents’ fees this year – but bought just two players.

Latest figures from the Premier League put the Blues top of the big spenders list, just as other clubs are cutting back on their own fees.Carlo Ancelotti

Spending was down on payments to agents by more than £3m in the year to September 30.

But that still meant more than £67m was splashed out, with Liverpool second. The Reds’ spending also rose, from £6.6m to over £9m, in a period when they were embroiled in takeover problems.

Chelsea had been second on the list last year but handed agents a whopping £9.3m this time.

They had signed just two players in that time – Yossi Benayoun for £5m from Liverpool and Benfica’s Brazilian Ramires for £18m.

Manchester City had been last year’s biggest spenders but managed to halve their outlay this year – from almost £13m to less than £6m.

The Eastlands outfit cut their agent-spend ­significantly but still managed to bring in ­expensive players.

They signed David Silva, Yaya Toure, Mario Balotelli, Jerome Boateng, Adam Johnson and James Milner for a total of £117m. The total amount was lowered due in small part to Premier League newcomers Blackpool (20th on the list).

Ian Holloway’s outfit spent less than many top teams’ players earn in a week – just £45,000. The Seasiders brought in 10 players for their small agent fees, including DJ Campbell of Leicester.

At £2.3m Manchester United spent almost £1m more than in 2008-09, but they were still a long way behind Bolton, Everton, ­Sunderland, Spurs and West Ham, all of whom spent more than £3m.

Harry Redknapp’s team were the fourth-highest spenders at £5.3m.

The latest figures show that payments to agents by clubs on behalf of players fell from over £70.7m last year to £67.1m to the year ended September 30, 2010.

There were 742 ­transactions during the latest period.

Club         Oct 09-Sep10     Oct08-Sep09

Arsenal     £3,660,199.00     £4,760,241.00

Aston Villa £2,279,536.50     £1,708,374.00

Birmingham £1,518,529.09     £974,982.00

Blackburn     £1,623,232.92        £1,610,885.00

Blackpool £45,000.00 –

Bolton     £3,549,316.72           £3,166,611.00

Burnley –     £468,398.00

Chelsea         £9,293,751.48         £9,562,223.00

Everton         £3,599,040.51         £2,008,407.00

Fulham         £2,087,373.55         £1,469,258.00

Hull City – £1,599,188.00

Liverpool         £9,032,528.49         £6,657,305.00

Man City         £5,952,261.33           £12,874,283.00

Man United         £2,312,726.00     £1,517,393.00

Newcastle         £2,417,776.00 –

Portsmouth –     £3,184,725.00

Stoke                   £2,196,968.50         £716,042.00

Sunderland             £4,421,990.72        £2,007,040.00

Spurs                     £5,361,229.87            £6,066,935.00

West Brom             £614,195.73

West Ham                 £3,419,089.99         £5,527,548.00

Wigan                     £2,461,500.00         £3,576,972.00

Wolves                     £1,291,794.00          £1,235,703.00

Total                        £67,138,040.40         £70,692,513.00

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