World Football: Best 10 Goalkeepers

In  football, the goalkeeper occupies a position that represents the last line of defence between the opponent’s offence and his own team’s goal. The primary role of the goalkeeper is to defend his team’s goal and prevent the opposition from scoring a goal. The goalkeeper is the only player who is permitted to touch the ball with his hands or arms in open play (within his own penalty area). Each…

October 7, 2010

Patrick Vieira aims for a regular Manchester City spot

Former Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira has stated his intent to find a first team spot with Manchester City. The 34-year-old midfielder was part of Arsenal’s famous “Invincibles” season, where Arsenal didn’t lose a single league match in the 2003/04 season when Arsenal lifted the premier league trophy for the second time. Patrick Vieira was a first team starter in that season and is still considered to be one of the…

September 30, 2010