Update on Withdrawals on NaijaBet

Withdrawals on NaijaBet now take a maximum of 24hrs and minimum of 2 minutes. In other to reduce the processing time of withdrawals on NaijaBet, we have implemented new software and processes. But despite all this efforts we noticed a major hindrance to the process of ensuring speedy withdrawals, some inefficient banks whose servers go down at odd hours and without notice. The makes it difficult to make payments to…

June 15, 2015


NaijaBet brings you all the squad lists from the 32 teams that will be at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. [Provisional is 30-man, while the final squad announcement will be a 23-man one.]¬† Algeria Provisional: Rais M’bolhi (CSKA Sofia), Mohamed Zemmamouche (USM Alger), Ezzdine Doukha (USM El Harrach), Mohamed Cedric (CS Constantine); Essaid Belkalem (no club), Madjid Bougherra (no club), Lyassine Cadamuro (Mallorca), Faouzi Ghoulam (Napoli), Rafik Halliche (Academica…

May 14, 2014

How to Deposit Online Into Your NaijaBet Account

How to deposit online into your NaijaBet account¬† There are a few easy ways to credit you NaijaBet account, the easiest way is by using your ATM card issued by any Nigerian bank. However you can also deposit cash into our bank account, or do a bank transfer. Deposit via your ATM Card (All Banks): 1. Login into your NaijaBet account. 2. Click “Deposit Funds” and select Fidelity Paygate or…

July 30, 2013

sports betting odds explained

Betting on sports is all about odds. The term odds is used in sports betting to describe the returns a user can earn on a successful bet. Odds are often referred to as prices, in reference to the value of a bet on a particular selection. Odds are offered in three different formats, Fractional, Moneyline and Decimal odds. The decimal odds is the easiest to understand and is the one…

April 28, 2010

General football betting tips

Fixed odds sports betting is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Provided one learns how to gain this edge, and more importantly adheres to a sensible risk management of his betting strategy, fixed odds sports betting offers a potential investment opportunity to those seeking a little more excitement than merely collecting an annual low interest return from their savings. The aim of this article is to encourage the fixed odds sports…

March 31, 2010