Arsene Wenger Says Alex Ferguson Is Wrong

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger disagrees with Manchester United counterpart Sir Alex Ferguson and insists the TV Arsene Wenger deal for clubs is fair.

The Gunners boss understands his rivals annoyances with the current system, but believes it is a “sacrifice” all clubs now have to make.

United boss Ferguson launched an attack on television’s power over football, saying clubs are paying the price for ”shaking hands with the devil” and deserved more from overseas rights.

The knight of the realm also blamed television schedules for creating “ridiculous situations” for teams playing in Europe.

But with the millions broadcasters plough into the coffers of the top-flight English clubs, and grass roots, Wenger feels it is a price which has to be paid.

“I want us to be the best league in the world and I would give anything for that,” Wenger said.

“We have to accept that to be the best league in the world we have to play at 12:45 on Saturday morning because in Asia they can watch us and I am happy to do that.

“We have to give away something, some privileges and you can only do that in any deal you need both winners.

“If you want the Premier League to stay the best league in the world you need to make sacrifices. I am ready for that.”

Wenger, though, accepted it was far from a perfect system.

“The fixtures are not always satisfying – however, it hasn’t stopped us from doing well in Europe, nor Man United, nor the other English teams,” he added.

“In the Premier League sometimes you can feel a bit handicapped, but maybe that the price you have to pay as well.

“I agree with Ferguson, that we have signed that contract, nobody forced us to do it.

“We are dependent on the money we get from the media and they want something for it. We can only look at ourselves basically.”

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