Arsene Wenger Defends Cesc Fabregas

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has vehemently defended his skipper Cesc Fabregas, insisting that a reporter added aArsène Wenger “twist” to the midfielder’s interview with a Spanish magazine.

The 23-year-old suggested to Don Balon that the Gunners would have to choose between developing young players or winning trophies, and claimed his boss would be sacked if he was working in Spain after a trophyless run.

Now the manager as well as the player have claimed that the midfielder has been misquoted.

“The article bothers me,” Wenger told reporters.

“This was an article organised by the club with a check viewing of the article. Not only did the author not respect the agreement, but also he did twist completely the article and we are really upset about it.

“It was not an attack on my philosophy.

“That is not what he [Fabregas] said. He said completely the opposite.”

Fabregas wrote on Twitter: “Incredible that people try and twist everything to make headlines. Arsene Wenger has had a huge impact on me and my career. Great man.”

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