Alves: Mourinho Envies Barcelona

Barcelona defender Dani Alves says Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is envious of the Catalan club’s achievements.Dani Alves

The Madrid boss recently belittled Barca’s Club World Cup victory, describing the tournament as “nothing more than a few small games”, but Alves is not impressed with the Portuguese’s disparaging comments.

“Mourinho is a person who plays his role, he devalues what other people win. The only thing that has value is what he wins. That’s his personality, and we respect it,” Alves was quoted as saying on the club’s official website.

“Mine is different, however. To play these ‘small games’, as he says, you have to win the Champions League. We have done that and that’s why we are happy. Envy is a bad thing.”

“We live in the moment, and we are the reigning world champions. The numbers are what they are, regardless of who that bothers.”

Alves said there was no point listening to the criticism coming from Madrid, describing the public battle as an “unwinnable war”.

“We aren’t bothered by Madrid because we don’t feel like we are inferior to them, and if you don’t feel inferior to those that criticise you, it doesn’t bother you,” he said.

“However, I am bothered by their continuous effort to discredit our accomplishments. There’s always a ‘but’, or a ‘why’.

“That’s the only thing I do not understand. But I understand that it’s an unwinnable war, we only try to compete well and make it difficult for others.”

Barcelona are currently second in La Liga on 37 points from 16 matches, three points behind leaders Madrid.

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