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Sports Betting is a fast-rising venture and a profitable business; With our user-friendly Easy, Flexible and Modern platform, NaijaBet will work with you to ensure you make profits and continue the business. You are the reason why we are in business.

As a NaijaBet Agent, you take bets from customers under the name/platform from your shop/location. You will also be able to credit/fund NaijaBet online users.

Things you need to be an Agent.

  • A good location that can enhance sales, for instance, places like bars. Viewing centres will also be of advantage.
  • A computer set (desktop/laptop).
  • Internet connection.
  • Thermal printer for printing out tickets for customers.
  • Normal printer for printing out fixtures.
  • Guarantor form

Please fill the form below to enrol in our agency program.

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  1. good day sir I am trying to register to become an agent but can get it do pls what can I do or how best do I go about it

  2. I want to become an agent. I have all it takes to become an agent I have all the equipment and the area is a very marketing place full of youth that love football and other games

  3. I want to be an agent, it is urgent so I will need your direct contact. I mean phone number. My number is 08050350418

  4. Good morning sir/ma. Please I’m interested in becoming an agent, I got an existing viewing centers which will foster more customers. So what is the procedure to become an agent and what is going to be my gain in bets and virtual. Thanks

  5. I intend to be an agent,what does your company assist agents with and what are the recquirments as well as returns.

  6. Am olawale from ekiti pls I want to be an agent and I have been tryin to registered it was not going pls I need more light on it.thanks

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