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The NaijaBet website, is a service offered by Kreativ Integrated Concepts & Management Limited In partnership with LiveBet International Limited to provide an exciting avenue for Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike in any part of Africa and indeed the entire world to take part in sports betting based on the weekly fixtures as published by the Football Association.


1. What about the Account & Bank info. Why Should I fill them?

This information will help you to perform Cash-Out operations, and helps our team to transfer your money straight into your bank account.
The Account & Bank info are optional fields.

2. How can I make deposits?

NaijaBet accepts payments via Interswitch Debit Cards and wire transfer (International Deposits) or direct deposit into our account.

Nigerian Bank Account
GTBank – Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. (Naira Account)
Account Name – Kreativ Int. Concepts & mgt Ltd
Account Number – 203 225 442 110.

Please Notify admin of your deposit on the “Bet History” so your account can be credited.
Please note: We cannot allocate moneys to an account without a Username or Reference.

3. How long does a deposit take before it reflects in my account?

Under certain circumstances we may need to wait for funds to clear before we issue credits.
IT will take a maximum of 1 working day.

4. What is the minimum deposit I can make?

500 Naira or 10 Euros.

5. How can I withdraw my winnings?

Returns due on bets placed on your NaijaBet site account will be added to your current deposit balance immediately the bet has been settled. This balance will remain in your NaijaBet account unless you submit an on-line request for the outstanding balance to be sent back to your bank or credit card account. Details of the withdrawal option can be found on the “Bet History” page.

6. Must I log in before I use the NaijaBet website?

Yes, using Username & password chosen when you registered. If you don’t have username and Password, you must register with our website.

7. How old must I be to use this site?

To bet on this website you must be at least 18 years old.

8. Can I open more than one account?

NaijaBet allows you to open only one account per person. The use of identical e-mail addresses in various NaijaBet accounts is prohibited. Should clients open additional accounts either in their own name or in the name of another person, NaijaBet has authority to close those accounts, to cancel any transactions carried out or bets placed and call in any free money credited.

9. Can I cancel my bet?

No. Once it has been confirmed, you cannot cancel a bet. Please check your bet details carefully before submitting your bet to us.

10. What will I do if I forget my username & Password?

Go to login Page & click on forgot my password! Then enter your Email Address to reset your login details.

11. If I have any problem using the site what do I do?

Get in touch with us through CustomerCare@NaijaBet.com

12. What is the difference between the local time and NaijaBet website time?

The NaijaBet website time is GMT+1; this means that the website time is the same as the local Nigerian time.

13. What is the security for my personal information that I submit to the website?

All the information you enter while filling any form on this site shall be kept strictly confidential.

NaijaBet will take all technologically and financially reasonable actions to protect the user information saved by NaijaBet.

14. Will my winnings be publicised?

No. If however we need to publicise any winnings we shall always seek your consent.

15. Can I place bets with this website if I don’t operate a bank account?

Yes. You must however have identification that will tally with the information you provide us to allow you cash your winning at the designated bank.

16. Can my friends Stake through me?

Yes. But you remain the only person recognised by us.
NaijaBet will not be liable for any abuse of the betting account through the use of the client’s username and password by third parties. We expressly state that the username and the password must be kept secret and confidential as all transactions via the account for which the username and password must be entered will be for the account of the client.

The username and password should never be disclosed to third parties. It is the client’s sole responsibility to keep his/her username and password secure. The client cannot make any claims whatsoever from a third party unlawfully placing bets by using his/her password and username.

17. Can I deposit money in my account via credit or debit card?

Yes, by clicking on deposit from your account, you would get the interface to use your credit or debit card.

18. Can I place bets during events?

Yes, you can place bets on live events.

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      1. please I paid through my UBA master card, and it was successful but didn’t see any money on my naijabet account, i tried it again and this is the message I got from naijabet website “*DO NOT DISCLOSE*
        A PENDING DEBIT of NGN 1,000.00 on YOUR ACCOUNT from Kreative Integrated Concepts & Management Limited. Use 153923 as your One Time Password”, please how do I go about it?…

        1. Good day Sir, Thank you for bringing this issue to our notice,kindly send us your username. We apologize for any inconveniences faced.

  1. The user name you ask to be sent to customer care n which of the user name n is’t d one you use to login to your naijabet account or dat of the one inside your account???

  2. I tried withdrawing 12000 from my winnings yesterday….my naijabet account has been debited ….when will my gtbank account be credited

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry. Kindly note that withdrawals between 0-48hours. Kindly be patient as your withdrawal is currently been processed.

  3. OK thanks…. Just to be sure… If I don’t get it today… Does that mean I’ll have to wait till Monday?

  4. Please I recharge my naijabet account with 12,000.00 today 7th April 2018. They have already by debit my account but up till now my naijabet account has not been credited. my user name is patangel

  5. hello am olanrewaju by name, I withdraw from my bet account but have not apprer in my bank account….pls when will it show in my bank account….

  6. I deposited 400naira in my naijabet account,but it didnt reflected and mybank a ccoubt was ddebited my usaname is jimmyakom,pls clarify d issue for me pls

    1. Good day Sir, thanks for contacting us, we are still expecting the debit alert you got from the bank, We apologize for any inconveniences.

  7. I made 500 naira deposit over 48 hrs, my bank account has since been debited the said sum, but yet to be credited to my naijabet account. My user name is “deking84”, hope to hear from you guys soon, thanks.

    1. Good day Sir, thank you for bringing this issue to our notice, kindly check your account it has been credited, We apologize for any inconveniences faced. Thank you once again for choosing Naijabet.

  8. Please admin explain what it means by “Home to win to nil-No”and “Home to win to nil-yes”
    Give examples of scoreline that should happen before “home to win to nil-No”would win??? If home doesn’t win to nil” will the game be considered won???

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry, this simply means you have to predict whether or not the home team will win conceding any goal to his opponent. There are two possible outcomes: Yes (the home team wins without conceding any goal) and No (the home team loses, draws, and or concedes at least one goal to its opponent). For example Real Sociedad 3 – 0 Atletico Madrid played yesterday, the Yes option won.

  9. Pls sir the #500 I deposits into naijabet account has not reflected since 9th of May. My ID blosbernice2

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry. We are pleased to inform you that your NaijaBet account has been credited with the sum of N500 kindly login to your NaijaBet account to confirm.

  10. Hi, naijabet have been bet on your platform for a time while now and there is something I noticed this evening which I want to belief it an error or otherwise I will call it something on my bet account precisely the one with bet number 6731838, I have a won game but instead I got a lost game. The match between
    Real Oviedo – SD Huesca (2:1)
    Jun 02, 19:30
    Draw At Least One Half / No
    There was no time in the match where both team actually Draw. So can you please explain to me how come I lost this match.

    1. Good day sir, thank you for contacting us, based on the bet option Draw At Least one Half/No, meaning that you are predicting that there should be no draw in either of the halves. kindly note that 1-0 was scored in first half hence there was no draw. In the second half the both team scored 1-1 (Draw). finally the match ended in a 2-1. Therefore, it is a lost ticket since a draw was scored in second half.

  11. Pease, I just open account with you and I have been directed to my mail to complete the registration through the link sent to me but till now I have not received it.

  12. I load my naijabet account they just deduct my account without found my naijabet account my username segdavid28

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry. Your account has been credited sir…we are sincerely sorry for the delay.

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry. Withdrawal takes 0-48hrs sir and withdrawals are not processed on weekends and public holidays,however we are still within the stipulated time.

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry. Your complaint is currently being attended to and you would be contacted sir.

  13. I seem to be having problems registering and accessing my account, I recently registered under the username KGBEAST with this email address, however I seem to be unable to login to the account as it keeps on telling me username and password invalid, even after changing the password multiple times, thinking it was a problem of registration, I tried reregistring but it seems unable to as it keeps on telling me username and phone number already in use, I need to know what the problem is, and how long it would take to fix it as it is really annoying and it is making it had for me to play

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry. Your account has been confirmed active. You can login with your username and password.

  14. I deposited 2000 naira through my gtbank account on 31/07/18 but you didn’t register me and I debited by gtbank

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry. kindly provide your username and how you paid to assist in your complaint.

  15. I am keenly interested in becoming one of your agents in Kaduna State, but unsure if you have agents in the State unlike Lagos. If yes, how many as Bet9ja seems to be everywhere in the state.
    If i become an agent, how will i know if someone has won a bet and what is the modality of paying the winner?

    1. Good day sir, thank you for the inquiry. NaijaBet headquarters is located at 21, Irona Atikankan Road, Ado-Ekiti. Ekiti State.

  16. i won a game and nairabet redirect my beting uption, like my option is plymouthagyle vs truro city i give plymouth to win and they wone 1-0 but naira is telling me that i lost the game pls i ur help

    1. Thank you for contacting us, please note that this is NaijaBet, an email has been sent to you for more information.

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